Aristocratic Black Metal!

Necromantia was founded in 1989 by George “The Magus” Zaharopoulos (formerly known as “Magus Wampyr Daoloth”, as well as “Morbid” when collaborating with Rotting Christ) in bass/vocals and Makis “Baron Blood” in 8-string bass. The two have been the only consistent members of the band throughout its history, with other instruments handled by session musicians.


Necromantia’s official debut, Crossing the Fiery Path, was released in 1993 on the French Osmose Productions imprint. Their second full-length, Scarlet Evil Witching Black, came out in 1995, while a mini-CD, the pagan-themed Ancient Pride, followed in 1997.

After parting ways with Osmose, Daoloth and company returned in 2000 with IV Malice, this time on the Greek label Black Lotus records. Black Lotus also re-issued the band’s previous albums in various forms, as well as a compilation album titled Covering Evil (12 Years Doing The Devil’s Work).

The band reportedly worked on an album in 2003, under the working title Temple of the Skull. It was never released and probably never recorded.

Necromantia’s last full-length album was The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven, released by Dockyard1 records in 2007. The band’s subsequent works have mostly been compilations of their demo works and other unreleased early material, as well as split LPs with other Greek black and death metal acts.

In November 20, 2019, The Magus announced through the band’s official Facebook page that fellow founding member Baron Blood had died. In subsequent announcements, he stated that the band will release a final album, titled To the Depths we Descend in Baron Blood’s memory, expected to be released in late spring 2021. Following this release, Necromantia will be disbanded, and no further material will be released.