Ferden Og Kallet Merlot 2019


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Category: Red Wine
Country: Greece
Type: Dry
Varietal: Merlot
Vintage: 2019
Alcohol: 13%
Bottle: 750 ml

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CRYPT OF THE WIZARD Wine Collection : Bottle Number One : Ferden Og Kallet Merlot 2019

A collection that “opens” the iron gates of the Mortiis Kingdom. An epic and otherworldly journey that will end with seven different numbered bottles in limited quantities.

Each drop will bring you further into the world of Mortiis. Each drop will bring you further into the caves, lakes and forests and the Secrets of his Kingdom.

The numbering starts from the letter M and ends at the letter S (M001 – S400). Each letter presents a different bottle.

More specific: M001-M400 / O001-O400 / R001-R400 / T001-T400 / I001-I400 / I001-I400 / S001-S400.

About the artwork of Ferden Og Kallet and John Bauer

“When I discovered, quite by chance, John Bauer´s art, around the mid 90´ies, it probably changed my life. The imagery, to me, conveyed the essence of Scandinavian folklore, myths and legends.

His imagery of deep, often dark forests, the quiet lakes, and hidden caves, where creatures of folklore lives, inspired me greatly, in my own music, back then, and for years, I would use his artwork for my own albums.

John Bauer´s world of myth, lore and legend, has continued to fascinate me to this day, almost 30 years later, and it probably will, in 30 years from now.” Havard (Mortiis) 2023

About the wine

In the homeland of Oeneus, in underground cellars, the vineyard Merlot must turns into wine and ages.

Characteristics of Ferden Og Kallet Merlot 2019

So, Ferden Og Kallet Merlot wine,  it is a wine of intense colour, fresh fruit, soft tannines, refreshing acidity and a chocolate-like finish with recommended drinking temperature: 16-18 °C.

About the Region

Amphilochian Argos, the chief town of ancient Amfilochia situated at Aetolia-Acarnania – Greece.

Greek tradition

The Greek wine tradition dates back at least 3000 years. Specifically the significance of the Acarnanian earth in high quality wine making, was already mentioned many times in ancient Greek mythology.

Oeneus & Dionysus

Oeneus, king of the city Calydon (nowadays Aetolia-Acarnania), introduced local wine making. Above all and according to a legend, Oeneus received the original branch of grapevine from god Dionysus himself.


Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Crypt Of The Wizard Collection

The first bottle of the Crypt Of The Wizard Collection.

Numbered Bottles

The numbering starts from M001 to M400.


For orders in Norway contact us for the procedure.

For orders in the UK and USA we can ship from one (1) to six (6) bottles.


The production procedure meets all international standards.


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