Satanas Tedeum : Σκότους Ελιξίριο


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Category: Red Wine
Country: Greece
Type: Dry
Varietal: Syrah
Vintage: MMXIX
Alcohol: 13,7%
Bottle: 750 ml

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Satanas Tedeum : Σκότους Ελιξίριο (Skotous Elixitio) : Darkness Elixir

The first bottle of The Satanas Tedeum Collection and the second bottle of The Vinnum Dei Satanas Collection.

6 Σειρές (Series) : 66 Numbered Bottles for each Series

The first bottle named as Σκότους Ελιξίριο will be available in 6 different series and 66 numberes bottles. The numbering starts from the Series 1 and ends at Series 6 bottle number 66. Each series will be available after the ending of the previous. There is the ability to keep a specific bottle of a specific series.

About the wine

It is a wine of intense character which is able to age for decades. Before being given to consumption, it remains for about a year in oak barrels placed in wine vaults.

Characteristics of Satanas Tedeum : Σκότους Ελιξίριο

Specifically, Its “nose” is piquant and it has a pleasant aroma of several fruits. Its rich flavour endures in one’s mouth.

Recommended drinking temperature: 16-18 °C.

About the Region of Chateau Satanas

Amphilochian Argos, the chief town of ancient Amfilochia situated at Aetolia-Acarnania – Greece.

Greek tradition

The Greek wine tradition dates back at least 3000 years. Specifically the significance of the Acarnanian earth in high quality wine making, was already mentioned many times in ancient Greek mythology.

Oeneus & Dionysus

Oeneus, king of the city Calydon (nowadays Aetolia-Acarnania), introduced local wine making. Above all and according to a legend, Oeneus received the original branch of grapevine from god Dionysus himself.

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Satanas Tedeum Collection

The first bottle of the Satanas Tedeum Collection

Numbered Bottles

66, 6 Series


There is the availability to pre-order specific numbers of specific series


The production procedure meets all international standards.


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