The Bartender


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Artist: Awinita Alm
Size: 30 cm x 30 cm (11.8x 11.8″ / A3 cut square)
Media: Charcoal drawing, black and white only

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The Bartender : Inspired by The Black Metal Wine Collections

After a long rest Routa wakes up and this is what he sees in front of him. He’s starving and considers asking the cloaked fellow if there’s something to eat.

He had been dreaming of a feast, lavish and plentiful.

The Bartender Early stage: There was some bread, but it disappeared. The white is a bit more subtle, softer in reality.

● Charcoal drawing, black and white only.
● 30×30 cm (A3 cut square).

Awinita Alm Collection by S8urn Designs

About Awinita Alm

Traditional dark artist from Pori, Finland with education at Blake College, London UK / Camberwell College of Arts, London UK and University of Turku, Finland.




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