30 Years of Folk Metal!

With their roots in Dublin, Ireland, Cruachan have staggered their melodic Celtic inspired metal all over the world since 1992.

Cruachan Wine Collection : The Living Merlot 2020 : The Dead Merlot 2020

Recognized as one of the founders of their genre and has gone furthest of all to expand this still largely unexplored sub-genre. With a brutal but yet delicate mix of traditional Celtic music, pure metal and the use of Celtic mythology in their lyrics, the band has built a large and dedicated fan-base worldwide.

A release that celebrates their 30th Anniversary!

A Wine Collection that comes along their fantastical sounding traditional folk music.

About the wine

In the homeland of Oeneus, in underground cellars, the vineyard Merlot must turns into wine and ages.

Characteristics of Cruachan The Living & The Dead Merlot 2020

So, The Living & The Dead Merlot wine,  it is a wine of intense colour, fresh fruit, soft tannines, refreshing acidity and a chocolate-like finish with recommended drinking temperature: 16-18 °C.

Greek tradition

The Greek wine tradition dates back at least 3000 years. Specifically the significance of the Acarnanian earth in high quality wine making, was already mentioned many times in ancient Greek mythology.

Oeneus & Dionysus

Oeneus, king of the city Calydon (nowadays Aetolia-Acarnania), introduced local wine making. Above all and according to a legend, Oeneus received the original branch of grapevine from god Dionysus himself.

  The Dead Merlot 2020