Why Bathory and Quorthon entered the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame.

At Thursday 27 of May 2021, the Black-Viking Metal pioneers entered Hall as part of the 2021 class.

About Swedish Music Hall of Fame

It is located on Djurgården in Stockholm by the ABBA museum and is a part of an active and dynamic cultural life. Main purpose is to share the local musical tradition.

The basic idea is to pay tribute to the diversity of Swedish music and to build bridges between generations. 2015 Charlotte Wiking manager of the Hall.

Why Bathory entered the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame

The conditions to enter the Music Hall are the following. 20 years must have passed from the debut release in order to “guarantee an enduring historical value”.

They must have made a lasting contribution to Swedish popular music, inspiring innovation and development on the musical scene. The jury also pays attention to diversity, making sure to include a variety of genres.

About Bathory and Quorthon – Answers to diachronical queries

Thomas Börje Forsberg (17 February 1966 – 3 June 2004), better known by the stage name Quorthon.  He was a mucisian, record producer and main founder of the band Bathory, from Sweden.

He also was the sole songwriter of the band that pioneered the Black Metal and Viking Metal music style. Quorthon wrote the music and lyrics on all of Bathory’s albums and performed vocals and guitars.

Quorthon meaning

During an interview that published in Pit magazine number 16, he mentioned: Quorthon is one of Satan’s princes who defied the spirit of the Nazarene.

How did Quorthon died?

He was found dead at his apartment in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden on Monday, June 7th 2004. The official cause of death was a heart attack. He suffered from heart problems from the past. Rumours indicated the main reason was drug use.

Where is Quorthon buried?


For last, by pressing here you can read the interview published in Pit Magazine number 16.