Motorhead’s domination of the rock scene is still alive and through the band’s own drinks brand.

Enter stage right – the Motorhead Swedish Vodka

The story: After the success of their red wine Motorhead Shiraz, the guys from Motorhead decided to expand their brand and put out a vodka.

The region: Motorhead Vodka is a premium vodka, that is produced in Sweden. The water comes from a lake near the small town Malmköping. The vodka is 100% distilled from selected wheat from the Sörmland region.

The flavour: Whether shaken, stirred or mixed, the Motörhead Vödka is uncompromising in its rich, full and complex flavour profile. Pure and clean with a smooth aftertaste, this rock’n’roll vodka has been distilled three times for ultimate quality.

Motorhead Swedish Premium Vodka





Nose Pure notes of citrus, herbs and a light malt tone.
Palate Very balanced, smooth and clear character of herbaceous citrus and a touch of malt.
Finish Pure, balanced and smooth.

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