The first official biography from the Greek black metal legends!

The Serpent & The Pentagram: The Official Chronicles of Necromantia.

The book covers the entire history of Necromantia plus other musical activities that The Magus and Baron Blood involved in, and other stories. An amazing release from Pagan Records in English and Polish language.

The first words of the Necromantia Biography Book.

The uncompromising creativity of Necromantia gave birth to new pitch-black horizons in the global phenomenon of black metal. There is no doubt about it. Every knowledgeable musician among their peers knows this and justifiably expresses his admiration for the band.

For the band, black metal was first a way of thinking and then a musical expression. That’s why they easily ignored any fake limitations, barriers or boundaries in their musical expression.

About the name Necromantia

The name of Necromantia derives from two ancient Greek words, νεκρός (dead) and μαντεία (divination).

The word νεκρομαντεία was used in the Hellenistic period, following the previous word νέκυια. Both of them meant the magical practice that had been known since ancient times as divination of the dead.

Strike number two!

The legendary band called Necromantia, formed in 1989 by The Magus (then using the alias Morbid) and Baron Blood.

The early passing of Baron Blood in 2019 destined to put the band to rest, but not before The Magus offered a final album in his memory and the official biography of the band, accompanied by a 7″EP with a rare unreleased version of a song from the past.

Enjoy the dark gospel of Necromantia, one of the pillars of the Greek and international black metal scene. Necromantia biography book!