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Vinnum Dei Satanas

Aristocratic Black Metal

Devilish occultism and vampiric mysticism since 1989

Discography : Full-length

1993 : Crossing the Fiery Path : CD : Osmose Productions

Crossing the Fiery Path

I am the one who is of the night
I am the one whose breed is of the Dragon
I am the one whose song is of the wolf
I am the one whose life is of your Blood
I am the one who is whorshipped for thousands of years
I am the one you shall serve FOREVER !

Hundreds of years have passed
(since) I’ve been baptised in blood
I’ve lived in twilight times
And survived the frozen nights
When the earth was new
And nature was pure
When the gods were strong
And Nanna was bright and full
My eyes have grown old, and my hairs are now white
But my wisdom is boundless and my soul is black

DE VERMIS MYSTERIES (Forbidden books, unholy thoughts)

I’ve talked to the dead
And the creatures of the Night
On magical dates
When the thesis of the planets was right
We gather in the woods
For the great Sabbath
Witches chant, blaphemous spells of wrath
Demons and werewolves, dance by the fires of sin
The woods echo with the virgin’s scream
I make love with Babylon’s whore
As Satan watches pleased from his throne of gore
I’m the priest of the great Tiamat
And my sins are countless, crimes of lust

The true shape of the Dragon was revealed to me
She granted my soul with immortality
Voice of weakness tells me, “you were wrong”
A King of darkness, facing his dawn
Eternal damnation, threatens my soul
As death drawing near on my powers I call

Time has decayed my body
But my will remains the same
So I’ll scream the ultimate spell
And power flows again in my empty shell

Death to all that deceived me
Eternal hate to all that tricked me
Fear and pain to all that hurt me
May they suffer in the flames of Damnation forever

( The gathering )
( The ritual )
( The coming )

The message is spread around
A new breed of warriors emerged
The fires of war shall burn
The howling of Fenriz will be heard

With blades forged in hatred
And souls baptised in Hell
Bearing the rune of power
Unchaining the wolf

We live the days of Ragnarok
Apocalyptic warfare
We drink the tears of Innocence
And spit your gods of mercy
Like humble dogs you’ll lick our feet
Like raging wolves we’ll hurt you
By the law of the Talon
We’ll reclaim our jewel throne

The time has come, to claim our ground
The fallen one, is standing proud
Spirits of mayhem, sons of wrath
We praise thy name, strengthen our hearts


O thou, of Angels loveliest, most wise,
O God betrayed by fate, deprived of praise,

(O Prince of exile, who was dispossessed,
Who ever rises stronger when oppressed,)

O thou who knowest all, Hell’s sovereign,
Known healer of mankind’s afflictions,

(Thou who the lepers and pariahs doomed)
Show out of love the Paradise to come,

(Thou who in Death, your mistress old and strong,)
Breeds Hope – delightful aberration!

(Thou who dost give the outlaw the proud glance)
Which damns the crowd who watch his sufferance,

Thou whose clear eye knows (the deep sepulchres)
(Where multitudes of metals lie interred,)

Thou who by magic softens the old bones
(Ofloitering drinks by horses trampled down,)

Thou who, consoling frail mankind in pain,
(Taught us to make our guns and gun-cotton,)

(Thou who put into women’s) hearts and eyes
The cult of wounds, the love of poverty,

Father to those whom in his sombre wrath
God drove from his Paradise on earth,

Thou who didst set thy mark, (accomplice skilled,)

(Staff of the exile and discoverer,)

To thee, o Satan, glory be, and praise,
In Heaven, once thy kingdom, the abyss
Of Hell, where now, thou dreamest silently!
Grant that my soul, one day, beneath the Tree
Of Knowledge, may rest near thee

Show out of love the Paradise to come,

(Thou who in Death, your mistress old and strong,
Breeds Hope – delightful aberration!)

Thou who dost give the outlaw the proud glance
Which damns the crowd who watch his sufferance,

To thee, o Satan
To thee, o Satan
To thee, o Satan
To thee, o Satan

Father to those whom in his sombre wrath
God drove from his Paradise on earth,

Thou who didst set thy mark, (accomplice skilled,)

(Staff of the exile and discoverer,)

To thee, o Satan

Thou who didst set thy mark, accomplice skilled,
Upon the heart of Croesus harsh and vile,

Staff of the exile and discoverer,
Confessor of condemned conspirator,

Thou who dost know where greedy earth enfolds

Satan, have mercy on my long distress!
Satan, have mercy on my long distress!
Satan, have mercy on my long distress!
Satan, have mercy on my long distress!

To thee, o Satan, glory be, and praise,
In Heaven, once thy kingdom, the abyss
Of Hell, where now, thou dreamest silently!
Grant that my soul, one day, beneath the Tree
Of Knowledge, may rest near thee,
Like a new Temple, its wide branches spread!

Dwelling in the infernal domains
Riding the winds of pain
King of the realms of doom
Hiding your wisdom from fool

Wandering in parallel worlds
Revealing your secrets to (the) bold
Time and space are all one
Supreme ruler, deathless one

Sitting on your throne of horrors
Bearer of the darkest light
Feeling compassion for our sorrow
Endless, greatest is your might

Sing the psalms of the abyss
As five angels perish in the sixth
Scream the end of the god of death
With the angels of the path of the left

Reveal to us the ancient
Of dark evolution we’re looking for
Inspirer of a new generation
Symbol of alienation

Prince of darkness I call thee
Bestow thy power unto me
Give me all of which I speak
Make me immortal, set me free

Honour to the Lord of the Abyss without
Whose laughter this world should not be

Honour to the Lord of the Abyss without
Whose sign we ourselves should not be

Lord of the Abyss I cry out thy name
Lord of the Abyss give me thy strength
Lord of the Abyss enlighten me
Oh Satan, incarnate through me

A tempting blaze
That tears body and soul apart
Spellbound daughters
Devouring the hearts of men
Communion through the ancient circles
Deep in the forest of eternity
The hideous darkness
Centre of the vacant soul of death

Images on images
The universe of Hades
A lethal chant of horror
Whisper of the 9 winds
Lords of nightmares
Cross the blackened skies
As slowly rising
The moon of the undead

Angels’ tears upon your tombs
What is dead it cannot die

Masks made of funeral mist
Hiding a frozen laughter
A calling from the undead gods
The breed of the Vampire
Of blood and fire, hate and doom

Osmose Productions

1995 : Scarlet Evil Witching Black : CD : Osmose Productions

Scarlet Evil Witching Black

Draped in silken skin and torment
Hellbound and riding ghosts in flames
I’ll usurp the moon and kill the sun
I’ll sink the world into a dream of pain

I’ll weave an invocation
To insanity and rebirth
Fiery lightning hold my hand
Show me your face in black waters

My worst, declared enemies
Are my most devoted slaves
They inspire me a wolf idolatry
I’ll burn them in my witch-pyre

Tonight I’ll drown the face of mankind
Into the dark blood of it’s own heart
Even the shadows reflect my rage
Tonight I’m wearing Satanskin

Tonight I’m wearing Satanskin
And blood will paint my canvass
Tonight I’m wearing Satanskin
The beast is loose within me

The mirror is the psychic gate
To reach and touch the Dragon
The serpent of the inner plain
The highest of all adepts

A thousand eyes gazing upon
The candlelight of my soul
Undead’s thirteen waxing moons
That shed their light on Death’s own skull

Through my black mirror I change the self
Through my black mirror I change the world

The black halo reappears
As the fearsome hellfire trident
Both weapon and sacred symbol
Of my bloodline manifests

Tonguing out my hungry soul
With violent telepathy
Connecting all my spiritforms
With the fiery Barracks of Abyss

I work my magic through the dreams
I twist and bind their will
Like crafty mist I infiltrate
To shape and change their futures

The father of lies
Speaks the truth
I am the father of lies

Godless descendant of my blood
Impudent son of Erihtho
You dare to provoke my power
So come and feel my ruthless wrath

On a night of a fiery moon
Your witchborn mother summoned me
Whispering my dreadful names
Raising the southern winds

I rode to her on griffon’s wings
Piercing the darkness of her dreams
She begged the dark to be my bride
To bear my son, the demigod

So I gave her the joys of hell
A night of dark and bleeding lust
My heathen sperm, my burning seed
To raise the mortals’ demon-king

I gifted you the mortal world
To rule the lands and do as you please
And now you impious earth worm
You dare to claim your father’s throne?

I am the Dragon, supreme king
I am the dark that gave you birth
I am the blood and I am the life
Death riders my chariots of sin

But if a war is what you want
Then in my Name so it will be
When Cerberus will howl at Hades
I’ll come my son your soul to take

Oh ancient one, thy the knowledge of death
Rise from thy tomb
And reveal thy wisdom, the secrets of life
To the daughters of the endless night
Born in my womb

Oh powerful queen, thy the knowledge of fear
Dangerous when crossed, the art of sorcery
The bringers of joy and misery
Thy children never tell thy mystery

Oh mother of shadows, thy the knowledge of sorrow
Join the dance in the garden of Dionysus delight
Joy of life (ecstasy of lust)
We embrace thy shining light tonight

Turn from the light and live for eternity

A mesmerizing whisper
I once heard in a dream
And blood painted my dream scarlet
Sending my soul to sleep

I dreamed a purple night sky
Which I crossed on black wings
I met the Queen of Darkness
Destined to be my bride
And blood painted my dream scarlet
Sending my soul to weep

I once dreamed of a tower
Of black ebony stone
Surrounded by three rivers
Flegethon, Acheron and Styx
And blood painted my dreams scarlet
Drowning my soul in grief

I dreamed of frozen caverns
Bathed in pale moonlight
Unearthly bat-like figures
Were resting in the vault
And blood painted my dream scarlet
Marking my soul to deep

I once dreamed of a grey wolf
Which came and licked my hands
I gazed into the beast’s eyes
And saw that I must hunt
And blood painted my dream scarlet
Upsetting my soul from sleep

And now I dream of myself
Transformed and born again
Free from the earthen death tides
Entering dreams of others
And blood paints my dreams scarlet
Sending my soul to feed

Spiritual bonds and scared oaths
Malevolent spells carved on pagan flesh
Paranormal symbolism of chaos
And the serpent crawling in dark paths

In the mirrored chateau of the Worm
Daimonia dance in pentagrams
And a Sumerian wizard’s chanting
Mental spellbinding rhapsodies

The serpent is now fire
And the pentagram is one

Visions stream from ruined temples
Where shapeshifting witches fornicate
Poisoned by the ruby elixir
Made by the dreams of burning infants

Like profane whispers to the moon
Are the secret ways the Ravens pray
A carmine litany in reverse
For the spirits of the Unpure

Typhona, Leviathan, Jormungand, Tiamat
Bless me with your venom
And touch me with your soul

Beyond the mountains of madness
Crossing the river Acheron
Lies the crimson battlefield

Where Father and son will cross their blades

On a flaming bat-shaped chariot
The Infernal Emperor appears
Matching his daring offspring
Waiting for Cerberus to howl

The guardian hound now screams
And swords are raised with hatred
Both forged in pain and blackness
Destined to spread the veil of Death

The battle doesn’t seem to end
Such is their ferocious rage
Like hungry beasts upon their prey
No more blood ties can hide their hate

Suddenly the black-steel blade
Held by the pretender’s hand
Pierces the Undead’s wicked head
As dragon wings shading the sun

A wave of living darkness
Effuses from the Emperor’s heart
Embraces the usurper
Absorbing his soul and blood

A triumphant voice
Now echoes in the skies

Now my son we’re bound
Reborn into the Black
Masters of the Cosmos
Now my son we’re one

I travelled through the eyes of the Necroscope
Into the realm where marble tombs lay open
Where Death and Decay hold their thrones
And sorrow chants her funeral song
A weird sweet music fills the air
As shadow forms gather in circles
And it is nighttime, so cold, so dark
When spirits start their dance macabre
Ghostly dancers whirling around
Their lips move in silence
And there is death in their eyes
A young couple waltzes among the gravestones
(holding goblets of silver in their hands)
Together they drink as the music plays on
Together they die poisoned by their own hands
Beside a grey mausoleum
Two duellists fence with etherial blades
And as the sword pierces the heart
A misty veil enshrouds them both
A man whose faithless wife betrayed his love
Slays the unwary lovers onto their bed of lust
As a poet of unsound mind ends his damned being
Giving his life for the glory of the black art
Centuries of spectral agony and pain
Performed like a drama before my eyes
In the first light of day the spirits disappear
In a haze of ghostly mist shimmer away
Until the next time they replay their deaths

Osmose Productions

2000 – IV: Malice – CD : Black Lotus Records

IV: Malice

Every fifty years
I taste your children’s tears
I bath in their blood
and feed on their fears

Every fifty years
I declare a war on purity
the fire of vengeance
still burns inside me

I remember fools
remember every one of you
your laughter and your mockery
have marked my heathen soul
(The Black Hill woods where you let me die
have now become my world of sin)

I gave my dreams to Demonlords
I allowed them to molest me
they raped, abused and tortured me
they filled me with their hatred

I travelled through the pits of Hell
and learnt the truth of suffering
I saw the visions of the damned
and shared their precious knowledge

Hexes and spells they taught me well
unholy incantations
the way to weave my nightmares
to manifest my malice

You run and run but you can’t hide
your soul is slave to horror
you’ll be entrapped into my world
of insanity and murder

Silence will soon fall again
into the Black Hill forest
and I will haunt the mortal’s dreams
the legacy of the Blair Witch

They’ve lived a thousand lives
they speak in ancient tongues
like pale hungry phantoms
in our dreams they dwell

I’ve been to a tall black tower
half of my soul was stolen
they drank with such ferocity
devoured my memories and thoughts

We build churches in their name
we raise temples for their glory
they are our kings, our gods and priests
those who shall never sleep

Mortal, close your eyes and sleep
the Astral lords will guide you
you think you are in paradise
but you are dreaming only hell

[pre-chorus] They come in dreams, they forge our nightmares
I can see their eyes, shinning in the darkness

[chorus] Those who never sleep
will steal you dreams, on your soul will feast
Those who never sleep
will engulf you in their horror

From the heart of Europe we marched
down to the cities of the holy land
we pledged our lives to serve the cross
to guard the secrets of the temple’s vault

We dressed in white and warlike red
a few noble knights of purest soul
armed with cold steel and fiery hearts
infidel dogs we slayed with wrath

We seeked the wisdom of the gods
through moslim texts, catharian codes
and zoroastric formulas
to the feverish writings of St. John

We hold the grail, the blood of Christ
the dead sea scrolls revealed the truth
we felt the hypocrisy of the church
lies and corruption spread by Paul

We turned our backs to king and pope
we spit the cross, symbol of pain
like real sons of James the just
we did disown the law of +god+

They hunt us down, they took our homes
comrades lost, tortured to death
as our last grand master screamed inflamed
in Baphomet’s name we shall return

[chorus] Knights of the temple, guardians of the flame
warriors and wizards, the dragon’s way
keepers of the grail

Nine footprints to evil
hooves crack on petrified soil
coming forth from the abyss
lit by bonfires of sin

The quest for the grail of flies
into the black sickness beyond
exterminating angels
where all sanctuary is denied

A female coven in heat
and sexual pandemonium
gave birth to utter blasphemy
igniting an apocalypse

Satyrs reveal themselves
born in the bowels of the beast
and raised with inverted prayers
a beast who is legion

Life flows through fang and claw
our flag is made by sheer rage
by the fangs of the soul-stealer
from the skin of the risen dead

The blood of crow-headed dogs
drips from the face of carnage
and shapes a vile cosmology
of lethal sinful magic

Out of the night that covers me
black as the pit from pole to pole
I thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud
under the bludgeonings of chance
my head is bloody but unbowed

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
looms but the horror of shade
ad yet the menace of the years
finds and shall find me unafraid

It matters not how strait the gate
how charged with punishments the scroll
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul

Out of the night that covers me
black as the pit from pole to pole
I thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud
under the bludgeonings of chance
my head is bloody but unbowed

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
looms but the horror of shade
ad yet the menace of the years
finds and shall find me unafraid

It matters not how strait the gate
how charged with punishments the scroll
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul

Innocence is payed in flesh
we lost our souls and loved ones
white as doves and red like blood
a living pyre for your god

We have walked the paths
of the seven black Kami
we have cleansed ourselves
by torment pain and anguish

9 days and 9 nights
riding the storms of Raiden
embracing the flames of Rinjin
calling the dreams of Kappa

Through Shinto chants and Oni spells
with blades and hooks we tore our flesh
we glorified our suffering
and paved the way for Tengu

O lord of thousand faces
and a million cruel ways
posses this vessel of your slave
fill it with strength and hatred

I can see the blue-black flames
dancing around your aura
I can feel your inner rage
which paints your ki in scarlet

[chorus] Circle of burned doves
an ancient path of vengeance
circle of burned doves
a legacy of nightmares

Black Lotus Records

2007 : The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven : CD : Dockyard 1 Records

The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven

The ruby stone decoded
The way of Lucifer unfolded
Exposed by the formulas
Of the emerald tablet

The brain, the heart, the genitals
In formalin preserved
Serving the greater scheme
Unlocking the five angels

The science of Alchemy
Disciples of the Sphinx
And when the stars unite as one
Into angels we transform

An alchemical blend
A supreme form of magic
Destined to reveal the Pure
The highest of all secrets

Luminous and glorious
The Fallen One now speaks
Uncovering the veil of lies
Making our souls immortal

Hark to the rune of death
Mage of past ages
Bishop of the serpent race
Eibon, tamer of the dead

Cast your mighty spells once more
For thy kingdom is at peril
Summon the dead from worlds beyond
The chaos spirits from alien worlds

The fields that separate the suns
Will engulf our land in blackness
So send your magic through the mists
And save us from destruction

From the web of darkness
Invoke the soul of the vulture
And from the pits Saturn
Conjure the locus of the Night

Praise to the mighty Eibon
The devious Necromancer
Guardian of the 7 spheres
Protector of the Dream World

Praise to the mighty Eibon
The father of our heathen race
Powerful Daemon Master
Destroyer of our sorrow

Touch the walls, liquid mirrors
Feel the floors, black hungry pools
The ceiling above, malignant space
The rooms around, gates to the void

Everything is true but nothing is real
In this house of illusion
In this dark-red church
You will loose your pathetic soul

Disturbing angels everywhere
(Are) Meeting with distorted lines
Creating a twisting
Abominable structure

Every corner is a piece
Of obscure, unearthly art
Small black gateways
To the palace of the Worm

In every room you are prey
To the hounds of emptiness
The eyes of the Devourer
Are watching through the window’s glass

Space and time collide
Behind close doors you see your past
Beyond these doors
There is no future… for you…

We ride on phantom stallions
We carry flaming swords
Clad in the colors of doom
From dusk ’till dawn

We are the Keepers of the Blood
We hold the keys of the Great Realms
The secrets of life and death
And the Philosopher’s stone

Rebirth and death
We rise and shine
Reborn from the ashes
As the Eagle spread it’s wings

We have murdered kings and priests
We have fough against nations
We feed on the blood of warriors
We live and breath for battle

We have sailed the 7 seas
Skull and bones our battle flag
The crew of the Holy Damned
Guardians of the Hidden Lore

For thousands of years to come
Untill the Gods return to earth
Under the moonlight
We will be watching, we’ll still be here

Take a look around you fool
War, violence, hate and blood
The end of your world is at hand
A carefully executed plan

Yes, it is true we do exist
Lurking in shadows so you can’t see
The bringers of Apocalypse
Harvesters of dreams

Some of your kind have seen the truth
Smelled the conspiracy within
You mocked at them, laughed at their words
We have programmed you to do so

We are the Shadow Government
The Men in Black, the alien lies
We are the wonders of your saints
We are the demons of your dreams

We have successfully engineered
The plateau of your reality
Narrowing your senses and your minds
With methods of deception

We must admit (that) we lied to you
We tricked (and) manipulated you
We offered you a peaceful sleep
So you can dream how life can be

But now it’s time to wake you up
It’s time to worship your true gods
It’s time to serve and give your blood
For our time of glory has come

Now you can see us on our thrones
You can see us at your temples
You can see us in the flesh
The New World Order has begun

Something has taken over my mind
Something is guiding my hand
I can see but I am blind
I feel the Devil’s rage inside

It’s burning, burning
From the depths of my soul
Like Hell itself has moved in me
Darkening my every thought

All this blood, these tears
Screams echo in my mind
Despair, power and lust
From the lions of the Scarlet Whore

I dream and I command
They follow like sheep
Lamps to the slaughter of my greed
A grand macabre sacrifice

The price of glorification
A million lives paid in blood
And I have to see them through
The eyes of the Antichrist

I am the Host
Of every sin
Bringer of pain
The Anti-god

Master of disorder, Bestower of crime’s blessings
Lord of the magnificent sins and noble vices, Satan, it is you we worship
God of reason, god of justice, Admirable legate of false fears
You welcome the beggarliness of our tears, Sustainer of the refined sorcerers
Restorer of the vanquished, It is you who endows them with hypocrisy
With ingratitude and pride, In order that they can defend themselves
Against the attack of God’s children, Sovereign of contempt
Reckoner of humiliations, Treasurer of long-standing hatreds
You alone fertilize the mind of man crushed by injustice
You breathe into him ideas of premeditated vengeance
A righteous intoxication in the torture he inflicts
And the tears of which he is the cause, Founder of hysterias
Blood stained vessel of lust, You encourage sterile and forbidden loves
You ensure the delight and joy of carnal pleasures
King of the disinherited, Chamberlain of our tears
Assure us of the delight of those delectable crimes
And grant us the glory, wealth and power
You the Son who was driven away by his father
And as for you impostor, worker of Deceit
Usurper of affection, We shall violate the peace of your body
We shall have you confess the impudent lies
Your unforgivable crimes against man
You profaner of bountiful vices, You Epitome of idiotic purities
Accursed Nazarene, A do-nothing king, a coward of a god

Dockyard1 Records