Are you serving it too cold?

The style of your white wine impacts what temperature it should be served at. You need to consider factors like the weight and body of the wine, and whether it has been oaked.

What temperatures should they be?

At a glance

  • Lighter white wines are served the chilled, between 7-10 ̊ C (44-50 ̊ F).
  • White wines with more body, or oak, should be served at a warmer temperature of 10-13 ̊ C (50-55 ̊ F) – just lightly chilled.
  • Sparkling wines are best served well chilled, at 6-10 ̊ C (42-50 ̊F)

Mature, complex whites are best served cool rather than cold, their aromas being more open at the warmer end of the scale.’

Chilling wine in a hurry?

If you are in a hurry,  put them in the freezer for 22 minutes for a light chill, 28 minutes for a full chill – just make sure you don’t forget about them!

An ice bath is always good (with bottle completely submerged).

Source: Ellie Douglas (

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