Dublin-Ireland : 28.05.2021

D Metal Galaxy traveled to Greece to meet with a live conversation Jim AKA Mutilator and The Magus from the metal band Yoth Iria.

Live interview : Part One

02:30 : What band name represents?
05:05 : About starting to work together again
08:10 : Working together compared back in Rotting Christ
11:10 : Hellenic Black Metal scene vs Scandinavian Black Metal scene
17:35 : Are Greek people still prejudiced with Black Metal?
20:04 : Can you tell us how you started listening to metal and what are your influences?
23:54 : What is the favorite band (VQ)
26:30 : I feel like we are in Eurovision…
28:48 : Any plans to play live in late 2021 or in 2022?  (VQ)
30:17 : Ask them when they are coming to NORWAY? (VQ)
30:43 : Jim telling a story about singer
31:55 : About collaborating with Headbangings Wine & Spirits

Live interview : Part Two

00:23 : How does a good producer make your life easier?
04:02 : Surprise guest introduction
04:55 : How did the collaboration with Yoth Iria start?
07:18 : About the album “As The Flame Withers” writing process
11:46 : About writing lyrics
13:42 : What is your influence on the lyrics? Are they into blasphemia, occultism, cosmos, or anything else? (VQ)
17:26 : Does the album “As The Flame Withers” have any concept behind it?
17:44 : What was the most difficult song to record/make?
20:06 : Emmanuel, did the Yoth Iria project make you anxious? (VQ)
22:29 : ​Jim, how was it working with Sakis many years ago, do you guys still keep in touch after those years? (VQ)
23:51 : Can you describe each song of the album in one word?
28:45 – ​What is your favorite guitar riff? (VQ)
29:16 – George, when are you guys planning to visit Ireland? (VQ)
31:11 – Magus, did you write lyrics for the classical/orchestrated project called Chaostar? (VQ)
31:43 – ​When can we expect any new material? (VQ)